Holistic Nutritional Consulting

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Holistic View of a Healthier Life

The basis of Holistic Nutritional Consulting is Nutritional Symptomatology which is the process of interpreting bodily symptoms to find underlying causes and nutritional imbalances. This process provides the ground work for my analysis of your issue and symptoms. With my analysis and your lifestyle information I create a report with recommendations from a holistic perspective keeping the main goals in mind; i.e. reducing your symptoms, restoring balance, improving the health and well-being of your body, mind and spirit. The report and recommendations are customized for you and lifestyle and are manageable and sustainable. ​

As a Holistic Nutritional Consultant professional, I would like to use my knowledge and skills to support you in making healthy nutritional choices. Nutrition is an important part of our health and overall well-being, as is preparing healthy meals. I recognize that it is not easy to make the right nutritional choices, especially with the large variety of products in the stores and the information on the labels. Let me help you with grocery shopping, changing the content of your pantry, interpreting the information on the labels and making more healthy nutritional choices.

Holistic Nutritional Consulting Service, a personalized holistic approach for your health issues

Your personalized sessions are focused on finding the root cause of your imbalance and supporting these systems affected to improve your health and well-being


Investment: CAD 425 (includes CAD 100 deposit)
Deposit: CAD 100 (to be paid prior to intake session)

Dainty Dandelion Health Coaching
Dainty Dandelion Health Coaching

Pantry Make Over OR Grocery Tour, your guide to make the right nutritional choices

During a pantry make over or grocery tour, I will show you how to read labels, what is in your food and what it means from a nutritional view, how to make the right nutritional choices that matches your budget


Investment: CAD 210


Meal planning is a great way to get inspiration in preparing healthy meals and takes into account individual needs and dietary restrictions.

Investment: CAD 60 – for 7-day meal plan*
CAD 210 for 4-week meal plan*
*Highly restrictive or individual food sensitivity meal plans require more time and customization and an additional CAD 40 applies.


Workshops for groups and businesses. I offer workshops in a variety of topics such as:

Contact me for customized workshops and prices.

  • We start with a free discovery call to determine if the services I offer are the right match for you and your health concerns and goals.
  • All sessions and services can be provided either in person or on-line except from the grocery tour. That needs to be in the area of Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Holistic Nutritional Consulting services can be combined with Health Coaching services and vice versa with a discount on the Health Coaching service.