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At Dainty Dandelion Health Coaching, We Employ a Holistic
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Dainty Dandelion Health Coaching


Dainty Dandelion Health Coaching was founded to provide Health Coaching services but has expanded to Holistic Nutritional Consulting and Rapid Transformational Therapy®. Each service has its own unique approach and benefits. Explore the different options and contact me for a discovery call to discuss what service works best for you.

What service to choose?

Dainty Dandelion Health Coaching offers three different services to improve your health and well-being; Rapid Transformational Therapy®, Holistic Nutritional Consulting and Health Coaching. Each service has its own unique approach but can complement each other. Scroll down for a brief guidance on what service to choose. You can also book a free discovery call to discuss your issue or challenges and we can then determine what service is the best match

Rapid Transformational Therapy®

If you have a health issue, whether physical, emotional or mental and you would like to dig deeper into the root cause and you are open to hypnosis, understanding and investigating the issue and working with your subconscious mind then Rapid Transformation Therapy® is best for you.

Marisa Peer, Founder of RTT®

Dainty Dandelion Health Coaching

Holistic Nutritional Consulting

If you have a health issue, whether physical, mental or emotional and would like to receive recommendations on nutrition and lifestyle related to your issue and with a holistic perspective then Holistic Nutritional Consulting is best for you.

Health Coaching

If you would like to improve your lifestyle, habits and nutrition and have tried to make changes before but just didn’t manage to achieve your goals or follow through for more than a few weeks or months then the Health Coaching services are best for you.

Dainty Dandelion Health Coaching


Have you lost inspiration in coming up with ideas for healthy meals? Do you have no idea anymore what the prepare for meals? Do you find it difficult to make healthy meals that meet your dietary needs and/or restrictions? Let me help you getting back inspiration in meal preparation.


As a member of a group or owner of a business, would you like to provide informative and interactive workshops about health and wellness to your members or employees? My workshops are aimed to have the participants engaged and I promise no “death-by-PowerPoint” workshops. Often groups and people who we consider caretakers, caregivers, empaths and who work under high pressure and with a lot of stress find it difficult to prioritize their own needs. They take care of others first. There are variety of groups and professions not only in health care but also firefighters, law enforcement, teachers, social workers, and many more. My goal is to work with your group or business to provide support and guidance in having a healthy and balanced life and lifestyle.

Dainty Dandelion Health Coaching